Known in Lithuania as Krupnikas, it is a traditional Lithuanian Spiced Honey Spirit. QUIVER has a delicious and complex flavor, unlike any other spirit or liqueur. It is smooth enough to sip on its own, starting out with sweet honey notes that build up to a warm spiced finish with hints of citrus.

    Legend has it that the recipe was created by Benedictine Monks at the Nesvyzius monastery which was founded in the 16th century in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It became popular among Lithuanian Nobility and today is a wildly favorite family concoction; a coveted 100 year old secret family recipe that was brought to Brooklyn, NY in 1949.


    • Distilled 6x from Sugar Cane and Charcoal Filtered

    • Single Farm American Clover Honey

    • All Natural Ingredients

    • No artificial colors or flavors, Gluten free, No sugar added

    • Vanilla, Cinnamon, and other delicate spices

    • Rounded off with Citrus notes

    • A Premium Modern take on a Traditional Lithuanian Spirit

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